Why? Why can’t things just go swimmingly with this house sale? I’ve actually simmered down a lot about this since my discovery earlier this morning, but I’m still ticked off. I decided to do a quick Realtor*com search to see what other properties are for sale in our town, to compare. I noticed that there were two listings for our house, which I knew, but for some reason this time I noticed two different prices — the price we listed it at in June, and then the (reduced) price we listed it at in October when we renewed our contract. I left a message with our realtor to let her know.

Then, I looked at the MLS sheets I have (for the rare occasion when someone comes to look), and though they were printed out in December, the price is still the old price. So then I looked at a few different sites: Homeseekers*com, a couple local brokerages that have MLS searches, and guess what? Every time our house is listed at the old price. It is a $5,000 difference! I called her back and let her know this. This time I spoke with her and she was like, “Oh, those sites aren’t updated regularly.” I said I’d feel much better if she would check for me. She had another client on hold so she said she would and she’d call me back.

After thinking about it a bit, in the big picture it’s probably not a huge deal because around here, November/December are very slow months, and obviously we’re going to decrease the price now, if it wasn’t changed, so it might be good timing since the “spring” market is said to start in February. But that doesn’t excuse it. She was the one who pressed us to lower the price, so I just assumed she’d be diligent about making the changes in MLS (because obviously that’s something I can’t do!). I really don’t want to micromanage every single aspect surrounding our lives.

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  1. ummm just wanted to let you know that those sites are updated daily… I had to call in updates when I worked at coldwell banker… so tell her to have those prices changed by Monday or you are getting a new realtor… also check to see what the local realtor mags say… most of those are updated monthly… some are every 2 weeks… I had to update those also… I even had an MLS account to help the realtors make those changes… so ride her butt!!!

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