Another Tuesday

Just a quick post to stay accountable! Nothing really of note today. I spent a good part of the day immersed in Excel, working on Annual Appeal stuff and working on prep for the annual report to NYS. (Note: library work is not for you if you can’t appreciate a good spreadsheet, lol).

Got home and made the chicken & broccoli Alfredo, which actually came out really good. I’m not a big fan of Alfredo usually, so I was surprised.

Drew took the recycling and trash down to the road while I did the dishes. Then I got in my jammies and Drew, Jake and I watched a couple episodes of The Walking Dead on Netflix. 

I am so ready for bed at this point, but I’ve got to wait until at least a little after 9 before getting in bed! Almost there, lol!

2 Replies to “Another Tuesday”

  1. nice to be bloger

  2. Sometimes it’s fun just to read about the day to day of others. Library work is definitely not going to be for me, Excel is beyond my comprehension. Even the work computers baffle me at times though I used to be pretty capable back when I had an office job what seems like billions of years ago. Hope your Wednesday is going well!

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