Another Snowy Day

Seems like the weather forecasters had no idea what was going on with this storm, but we’ve had a gentle snowfall all day. It’s been nice, actually. (Of course, I’m not the one who has to go out and snowblow or shovel!) At least the roads look OK and school wasn’t cancelled or delayed for a change.

I saw my little possum buddy again today. Oh, you didn’t know we had a possum hanging around? Last week he ventured up onto our deck:

Whoa, possum!

Today I saw him padding along from the woods. If it weren’t for that ratty tail, the things might actually be cute. He didn’t come up on the deck today, though (probably because I didn’t have any bread thrown out there yet). We have one squirrel who just about knocks at the sliding glass door around lunchtime every day, waiting for his crusts. It’s so funny!

I got a lot of things done today, so I feel good about that. I baked some banana bread with walnuts and chocolate chips and it smells so good! I can’t wait to have a slice with a cup of decaf tea or coffee later on. I also already made the curry chicken for tonight’s dinner. It’s always better when it sets for a while. All I’ll need to do is make some rice and chicken nuggets for the boys. The curry is too spicy for them and I get tired of arguing over dinner, so a couple times a week I try to give them something that I know won’t result in pouting and tears.

Not much else is going on. I’ve been super tired at night lately and heading to bed around 8. I usually read for a bit, but the other night I actually fell asleep reading, which is unusal for me. Since I’ve been a real dud at night, it’s given Drew the opportunity to work on some new music. I am super happy about that! It’s been a while since he’s been able to really focus on it. In fact, he even ordered some business cards and other promotional products like postcards to send along with demos. It would be great if he got a couple gigs and started playing out again.

I guess that’s about it! Maybe I’ll just sneak one tiny piece of my banana bread as a pre-dinner snack…

3 Replies to “Another Snowy Day”

  1. Banana bread is *so* yummy. I have a can of pumpkin puree in our pantry (left over from Thanksgiving, I guess!) ~ and I’ve been wanting to make some pumpkin muffins with raisins and some glazed walnuts. Sounds delicious. I remember feeling *so* tired at night when I was pregnant with Lucas. Several times I would come home from work, eat dinner, and then head to bed at 7:30! I wasn’t as tired with Meri, though ~ probably because I couldn’t be (with having a 19-month-old to run around after!). Sounds relaxing … reading at night.

  2. Ooh, you are a better person than I. Possums make me wig out. When I was a kid, I walked up onto my front porch and I inadvertently cornered one. It was hissing at me, and now I forever freak out when I see on!

  3. i *love* banana bread, and it sounds even better with walnuts and chocolate chips! i think i’ll try that recipe.

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