ah, sunday

Yes, you know it’s a relaxing Sunday when you head out to do a little shopping and see some macho cowboy wearing the right to bear arms t-shirt. Stay classy, Kingston! Anyway, my shopping trip was very limited today. I don’t know if it was due to the time change, the cold weather, or what but everyone seemed irritable and as soon as I returned my yarn I was ready to head home.

I woke up with a cold (woe is me, I know) and I’m just ready to call it quits today. Unfortunately for me, I really have to finish up these final crochet hats. I am about halfway done with #8, and then there is just one more to go! I will be so happy to ship these out on Tuesday or Wednesday. Of course, then comes a slew of holiday crafting. But at least I won’t feel so pressured to get it done!

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