A Sweet Valentine’s Day

I hope you all had lovely Valentine’s Days! I had an *amazing* day! When we woke up, I gave the boys their cards and chocolate (Drew had also gotten a little knight set, so Noah got the horse and Jake got the knight — they play with everything together anyway). Then I gave Drew his present. He was pretty impressed that I actually wrapped it and put a bow on top! I am the gift bag queen, you see. A few months ago we had been talking about fondue and I thought that would be a good gift. (Hey, my guy likes cooking!) After researching various fondue pots I decided on the Rival electric model. I really wanted to stay away from anything that required Sterno, and the Cuisinart I was looking at was just a little too spendy for me. I also included three big chocolate bars. He really liked it!

But, he totally blew me away with my gift: a gorgeous bouquet of flower and a date night in NYC and tickets to “Rent!” Oh my goodness, I could not believe it. I was just blown away. I had mentioned to him that I really wanted to see it before it closes this spring. The sneaky guy took note. He arranged to have his mom babysit and everything so we can have a nice overnight in the city and then do something down there on Monday as well.

Nikon D40 But that’s not all. When I got home from work last night, this is what was waiting for me!!! After going back and forth and back and forth and reading reviews and visiting the camera area at Target (man, that guy must have thought I was weird, coming back every other day, LOL!) I had pretty much decided on buying the Nikon D40, but needed to save up a little more of my blogging money. Drew came across and amazing offer on Amazon (after reading a tip on SlickDeals), and purchased the whole shebang for me, making up the difference between what I had saved and the purchase price. I’m so lucky to have a husband that is supportive and encouraging of my hobbies! I have a lot to learn, but I’ve really enjoyed the time I had to shoot today. I am now even more anxious for spring — the ice and the lifeless trees outside aren’t all that inspiring, LOL!

We both were pretty tired so we just popped open a bottle of Rosa Regale and shared a cream cheese brownie. My parents have very generously offered to take the boys this weekend, so we’ll be enjoying dinner out tomorrow night. It’s such a treat when we get to go out by ourselves. It doesn’t happen a lot, so we always enjoy it.

Aside from that, we don’t have any exciting weekend plans. I did all my cleaning this afternoon so I can relax and play, guilt-free. I do hope to finish up my cloth for the dishcloth exchange and pick up some goodies for my partner. My parents are going to take the boys to their local children’s museum and science museum (which is having a dinosaur exhibit — my guys love dinos), so they will enjoy their mini vacation as well!

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  1. Enjoy your new toy! I love my Nikon D70, and can’t wait to have more time to use it!

    If I can be of any help, don’t hesitate to ask! 🙂

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