a summer in lace & trim

Earlier today I was going through my box of rick-rack for a sewing project I’m planning. The majority of it is Wrights brand, which takes me back to the summer of 1995 when I worked as a picker-packer (yes, that was my title) in their West Warren, Mass. mill. My department was Lace & Trim and the machines spun all sorts of rick-rack, bias trim, and decorative trim. It was quite the cast of characters and far more entertaining than any episode of “The Office.” We even had one of those signs with the number of days since any kind of accident. During the few months I worked there, I don’t recall any major injuries but I’m sure there were some. I have to imagine a few workers sought a disability appeal at some point, too. I had heard stories about the dye house; working there was more dangerous than my floor. I’d love to know what some of those men and women are doing now.

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  1. That sounds like an interesting job!

  2. “you MADE that macaroni salad yourself” .. I think you became a god that day and were looked up to by many.

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