A Relaxing Evening


Ah… Yes, I’m putting up my feet and unwinding for the night. Drew is off in NYC tonight, attending a reading of a play one his friends is working on, and I spent the entire day cleaning and getting things ready for Thanksgiving. So tonight’s plan includes little more than relaxing in front of the wood stove while watching true crime TV shows on Netflix (I just love those ID Discovery series)!

I did end up having to run to the store earlier (needed more wine for Thanksgiving dinner, and yes I caved in to my pecan pie craving), so while I was out I decided to use my free birthday “sweet” on my Panera card. Helloooo chocolate babka that no one knows about but me 😉 I actually had to cut it in half because the slice was just enormous. My tea is steeping as I type!


Tomorrow there will be lots of cooking, table-setting, and tidying. For me, the day before the holiday is the crazy one. But today I focused on dusting, sweeping, vacuuming, etc. The carpets drive me crazy. With three kids, they are just never clean no matter what. While my in-laws could do a search for carpet cleaning Chapel Hill NC to spiff up the floors in their kid-free home, I will just make due with my ammonia and hot iron trick that I learned from Pinterest.

But anyway, I’m done thinking about it. For now, I just plan to enjoy my dessert, maybe pick up some crochet, and take it easy before the Thanksgiving hustle really begins.


Hope you all have a nice evening, too!

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