A Rainy Fourth

Watermelon Roll Well, our fourth of July celebration was rather subdued. It was kind of a crummy day weather-wise. We basically hung out around the house, and then grilled burgers and hot dogs for dinner. I know — edge-of-your-seat excitement, huh? I bought one of those Friendly’s Watermelon Rolls for dessert. Damn, those things are good. I can’t imagine living where they are unavailable. I mean, watermelon sherbet with chocolate chips, and then lemon sherbet for the “rind.” Seriously delicious. And I admit to being a sucker for food that looks like other foods (sherbet disguised as fruit — so sneaky!).

Since it was raining we didn’t do much in the way of fireworks, but we did manage to light off one “sparkler.” See, fireworks are illegal in NY, but you can purchase “faux” fireworks at some places, so we have these lo-fi sparklers that are in no way as good as the metal ones, but they do the job. And I bought some of those “champagne poppers” — the little bottles where you pull the string and it makes a BANG and streamers fly out. We’ll do the rest on a day when it’s not pouring.

After the boys were in bed we ordered “Epic Movie” on PayPerView, which was really funny, though I fell asleep on Drew while watching it because I was so freaking tired. We did tape it, though, so I will finish it another time.

So that was pretty much it! Hope yours was more exciting!

4 thoughts to “A Rainy Fourth”

  1. That sounds about the same as our 4th, although we did have some friends come over with their little ones. We skipped watching the fireworks on the Mall with the hoards and just enjoyed the illegal shows put on by some of our distant neighbors.

    That ice cream sounds interesting. I don’t know where there is a Friendly’s near us…we get coupons for them, though, so we know they exist around here somewhere.

  2. Yeah, I miss Friendly’s, and we live in one of those places you mention, where these wonders are not available. Our fourth was similarly spectacular, though we did go to a fireworks display (where Lily proceeded to squeeze her eyes shut and bury her head in my chest, with my free hand clamped over her ear).

  3. I *so* want to try that watermelon dessert. I wondered what the “rind” was made from ~ lemon sherbet, ahhh, how fantastic! I’ll have to look for one when we get back home. Our July 4th was spent inside a car for 12 hours, so it definitely wasn’t spectacular! LOL! 🙂

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