A Rainy Day Lunchbox

Kindergarten Lunch #2 The boy is absolutely starving when he gets home from school, so even though this seems like a lot, I am pretty sure he’ll eat almost all of it. Maybe not the frozen peas, but we’re on a "try new veggies" kick. My friend Kelly *loves* eating frozen peas, so I thought that maybe Jake would find that novel, especially since we’re going to see her this weekend. Everything else should be a go: leftover mac & cheese, mandarin oranges, apples, strawberries, cucumbers, and an oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. Easy to throw this one together, PLUS I got to use my wavy cutter.

2 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Lunchbox

  1. Heidi

    Love the wavy cutter, where did you get it? I need to download the pictures of the lunches I’ve been making for Alyssa and Tristan too. I admit I’m having a lot of fun with it. 🙂


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