a nip in the air and a tree on the ground


My husband had quite a bit of vacation time left to use up, so he’s been off all week getting some projects done. Topping his list was chopping firewood for the winter (we have a wood stove and we try to rely on that as much as possible for heat). This morning he decided to try cutting a dead tree in the front yard and he was so excited because it fell exactly where he wanted it to! It was kind of a tricky one because we obviously did not want it falling in the road or on our fence. That actually happened a few years ago (due to a storm) and it still bothers me that one fence section is not as weathered as the other two!

for dad...

Anyway, today it is significantly colder than it has been and I’m just glad that our stash of wood is being built up.

It’s been a busy week, and I’m so glad tomorrow is Friday. Today I ran all over town on errands picking up pretty much everything under the sun.

Yesterday I had an appointment with a new primary care doctor and that went well. He was pleasant and now I’ll have someone to call when I get that horrible chest cold that I get every winter (which has probably been bronchitis every time). I have to go back for my fasting blood work. I’m curious what my cholesterol level is because I’ve never had that checked. But my blood pressure is good, my weight is in the healthy range (whew!), and I filled him in on all the thyroid stuff. When I refused the flu shot, he didn’t press the issue at all, and that’s how I knew I liked him. 🙂

Yesterday was also the boys’ first CCD class of the year and Noah’s open house, so it really was a full day. I came home around 9:15 and pretty much collapsed into bed. Looks like the beginning of the school year isn’t just rough on the kids — it’s tough on us parents, too!

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