A New Addition to Our Family

I’m not going to even try to be a smartass and put this beneath a cut and make you think I’m pregnant because you know, that wouldn’t be funny at all. No, this is a much more adult addition. This is our bourbon barrel! Several months ago, Maker’s Mark had a promotion where you could become an “ambassador” and lay claim to a barrel of their delicious bourbon. Since it is our house brand, how could we resist? We got the “birth announcement” and photo from Maker’s Mark yesterday. I just know that it’s going to age the best bourbon ever. I can’t wait until we’re able to order a bottle or two, but until then, we have to patiently wait.

4 thoughts to “A New Addition to Our Family”

  1. I’m not totally sure. I think that it ages for around 8 years, but I’m guessing they bulk age it for a few years and then it spends a couple years in a barrel.

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