a lovely day for a tag sale


Today was the tag sale I’d been planning for two weeks. I wish I could say we sold tons of stuff and made a lot of money, but we came in just short of $25. Oh well. It’s more than we had before, and some of that clutter is gone. We had mostly kids’ stuff — baby toys, clothes, tons of Rescue Heroes, etc. But we also had a good selection of housewares and some older electronics — a scanner, computer monitors, some speakers…

The boys were great helpers and Laura busied herself with the extra price stickers. Unfortunately, it just wasn’t the right day. Nevertheless, organizing the tag sale was the motivation I needed to clean a lot of stuff out. So, as things wound down, I organized a small pile of FREE stuff that I put curbside. (And just in time! Our mailman was excited to score our old cat condo!) Our trunk is now packed with clothing and houseware donations for Goodwill. (We’ll drop those off later this afternoon and probably treat ourselves to dinner.) And then I have two bags of toys and a box of books that I’ll donate later this week. My goal was for nothing to come back in the house, and while there were a few things I just couldn’t bear to part with (my sake set, a wine carrier, and a few other things), 98% will have found new homes.

Not bad.

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