A Long, Cold Winter

Oh look, I’m in a “Hey, I’m totally going to start updating my blog again regularly” mood! I was recently added to a Facebook group of “old school” online journalers and I have to say, it’s wonderful seeing how many people are still around. So maybe I should stress less about content and just write more.


So, what’s new? It’s cold. Cold, snowy, windy, and all-around frigid. I have a pretty high tolerance for winter I think, but even I am starting to long for warmer weather. I’m growing tired of the mud tracks in the kitchen, the salt and sand tracked in from all over the place, the splinters from loading wood into the stove. Spring is just around the corner though… I can feel it.

It’s been a busy year so far. So many different activities and school functions, work, and just trying to keep up with it all. I’ve managed to squeeze in some crochet here and there. The library was closed on Monday (snow day), so I wipped up this little fox from a kit Drew gave me for Christmas.

fussy mr. fox

fussy mr. fox

I still have two afghans and at least three scarves to finish, but I just can’t help picking up new projects!

So yes, I am still around. I have not given up on the blog, LOL… I promise.

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  1. what a cute fox! i don’t blame you for moving him to the front of the queue!!!

  2. I hear ya on the catching up. I’m *just* about ready to do that myself and I cannot remember the last time I blogged. Cute fox!

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