a full night’s sleep

For the first time in ages, last night I got a solid 9 hours of sleep. Yep — count ’em, nine! I adored those blissful Zzz’s, but the only reason I got them is because Laura had her first sleepover at her grandma’s house. Drew’s mom graciously offered to take her for an overnight, and I’d have been a fool to refuse! We thought it would be doubly beneficial because first, she’d get used to sleeping somewhere new and second, it would help with the weaning process.

This is exactly how I weaned Noah: he spent an overnight at Grandma’s house. Hard to believe that 15 months ago I was looking for ways to produce more breast milk. Now I’m in the opposite position! I’d been nursing her down for naps and at night to help her get back to sleep, but it’s obvious she’s only nursing for comfort. So she’s made it happily without nursing for over 24 hours now. At this point, I think I’d be foolish to take a step backwards. It’s time, and honestly? I’m looking forward to having my body back all to myself.

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