A few finished objects

Since the vast majority of you view my Flickr stream, this is old news, but for the like 2 people who don’t? I present you with knitting!

First, yet another One Skein Cupcake. I am so proud of this one. It was truly knit with love, as it was a gift for a friend’s birthday. I took extra time sewing it all up because I really wanted it to be special. Hopefully my friend loves it as much as I do!

Knit Cupcake

Knit Lacy Round Dishcloth – This was fun to knit, though seaming up the ends was kind of a biatch. I think I’d knit it again, though.

Knitted Lacy Round Dishcloth

Pillars Dishcloth – Loved this pattern. Perfect for TV knitting. Would also make a nice scarf pattern, I think.

Pillars Dishcloth

4 Replies to “A few finished objects”

  1. I love that cupcake! It’s adorable! Makes me want to find a bakeshop!

    The lace dishcloth is beautiful… and you are right… I would love to use that pillar pattern in a scarf! I may put that in my to-do list!

  2. omg that cupcake is amazing looking… I hope your friend loves it… soooo cute and cool…

  3. That cupcake is *sweet* – I think everyone needs a cupcake knitting with so much love!

  4. Your Dishcloth Swap Pal says: Reply

    OOh those are very cute! I haven’t forgotten about you! I’m sorry I’ve been so quiet of late – rest assured, I’m working on putting together a great package (and being a better pal 🙁 )

    I hope you’re having a great week!

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