A Clean PC

So, I already got my birthday gift early this year (we went to see Lewis Black live), but I did ask Drew to do one more thing for me: clean up my old laptop which (I thought) still had a virus on it. So the other day he looked at it, ran all of his magic programs, and nothing came up. Guess when I tried a removal a while back, it worked! Luckily we didn’t have to do any tricky Registry repair. He’s done that before and it can be so time-consuming. So, I am happy to have my little Acer back in action. I had been using my father-in-law rather old Macbook. Hey — it was fine, it worked, and it was free, so I am certainly not going to complain. But it was on the slow side, and it had been so long since I used a Mac that I could not remember how to do things like copy and paste. Duh, right? Well, now we again have it as an “emergency” computer. Let’s just hope I don’t get this laptop infected again.

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