Review: Life Balance CD Set

nelson.jpg Although I am not typically one for self-help books or tapes, I had an opportunity to review a three-CD set by life coach Clay Nelson. I will give most things a shot at least once, and I have to say that I enjoyed listening to these CDs. Even though I am quite happy where I currently am, and I have a pretty clear idea of when I am hoping to be in 5, 10, 15 years, I still found “Life Balance” beneficial. We all find ourselves in ruts from time to time, and I’ll probably come back and listen to this again when I’m not feeling up to snuff.

The first disk is entitled Creating Your Purpose. Mr. Nelson guides you through an exercise that is designed to help you identify some of your goals, and then write a purpose statement. The second disk is called How To Let Fear Serve You and I think this was the best of the three. Why do people fail? They let fear get in the way. You need to take chances. He challenges us to do something every days that scares us. I actually started doing this (though not every day) this summer! And it really does help. The final disk is Commitment, and as you might guess he discusses the importance of giving yourself over 100 percent — committing yourself to your projects, your family, your goals. No one else is going to do it. You need to be the one.

The set was inspiring, I have to say. Mr. Nelson also has a radio show that I’d like to try to catch at some point. You can read more about his Getting Started Series on PRWeb.

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