Friday Misc.

Yay, I can finally update with a couple FOs! (If you’re a Flickr contact, you already saw these). My good friend Lisanne had her baby girl on Halloween (on her due date!) and I knitted the baby kimono from Mason-Dixon Knitting for her. Hopefully the baby will be able to wear it; it’s pretty small. (But you so quickly forget how tiny newborns are, so it probably will). I’m so thrilled for Lisanne and her family and I can’t wait to meet the new addition!

My parents are coming to visit tomorrow and spend the day with the boys. They’re kicking me out of the house, and who am I to complain? I am taking full advantage of their visit and I have an appointment for a haircut, plus I plan to do a little shopping, treat myself to a coffee or something, and basically have a nice day out. I’m going to send them home with my belated gift for my brother’s girlfriend.

Sophie #2

I knit her a Sophie bag using Patons SWS in “Natural Navy” (yes, that was the bag I took a close-up photo of in a previous post). I wish the handle was a little bit shorter, but I’m pretty happy with the bag. Holy cow, though… does that SWS fuzz up like a mofo when you felt it! It took me quite a while to shave it down. There are these little bubbly-bumps in the fabric, which I am guessing is from the soy content. I don’t think I’d use the SWS for another felting project. I love the way it feels when it’s just knit up, though — so silky! I’ll just stick to the classic merino wool for felting, though.

I’m still finishing up my drop-stitch scarf, but the time change has kicked my butt this week and I’ve been so tired at night I haven’t felt like doing anything. I’ve also started a garterlac dishcloth. I have been wanting to give this a go since the summer! So far, so good. Next week I promise I am going to pick up that Homespun shawl again. Seriously. I will finish it!

Let’s see… what else? Halloween was fun. We trick-or-treated at my mother-in-law’s again. I was very proud of J. because he was so polite and not at all greedy with candy. When someone would offer him the bowl, he only took one piece. He was actually ready to go home after just a few houses. He dressed up as a knight and N. wore the clown outfit that my husband’s aunt had sewed 30-odd years ago! Both my husband and his older brother had worn it at N.’s age! But everyone had fun, and the candy rationing was not met with any resistance.

I’m looking forward to heading into the city on Sunday for the play. Between that and my “day off” tomorrow I should have a great weekend. I hope you do too!

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  1. Hope you are enjoying your day out! 🙂

  2. Hope your weekend is great! Again, that sweater is very cute. 🙂

  3. What a cute little sweater!! It is adorable! 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend Carol!

  4. Carol, we *love* the kimono. It’s absolutely GORGEOUS! I can’t *wait* to dress Meredith in it. You are SO talented! We’ll take pictures and send them to you, of course! Oh my gosh, yes, I’d totally forgotten how tiny newborns are ~ Lucas looks *huge* compared to her! LOL! 🙂 Thank you for the goodies and for your congratulations!

  5. SO cute! I’m jealous – you are super talented with the needles.

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