2012 Crochet in Review

Ah, it’s New Year’s Eve… If you know me at all, you know my great disdain for this faux holiday. I kind of consider it “amateur night” and prefer to stay home. I’ve just never been a fan. Still, it’s kind of natural to reflect on the past year and since I’ve just been reorganizing my yarn stash, I thought it would be fun to do a little crochet retrospective.

I started the year out making baby photo props for a friend of mine. It was exciting and encouraging that someone wanted to purchase my work! No, I wasn’t rushing out pricing car magnet printing for my hats or anything, but it definitely set the tone for the year and kept me motivated. Most of this stuff I blogged about, but some of the projects only made it to my Facebook page. Ready? Here we go!

First up in 2012 were the bunny hat sets. Oh my! While they were adorable I have to admit, the Homespun yarn was a beast to work with. Splitty, prone to fraying, and generally frustrating. I think I made 10 of these in all.

bunny set

Then there was the baby giraffe set I made for a basket my craft group put together for a charity auction. This was such a fun project!

giraffe baby set - front

giraffe baby set - back

I made this blooming flower pillow for Laura’s bed:


And these Iron Man fingerless mitts for my husband:

Finished up my husband's Iron Man mitts. He can't wait to wear them to the comic book store :-)

There was the Country Christmas Garland:

Country Christmas Crochet Garland

The owl hat for my niece:

owl hat

A Dr. Who hat for Jake:



And a yet-to-be-finished checkerboard pillow for Noah:


There were other projects along the way that were started and abandoned, or never photographed. In 2013 I want to make sure I document more of my craft projects! And do more craft projects. Honestly, this doesn’t look like so much to me when I put everything up here, LOL… But it was a busy year and I probably thought about crochet a lot more than I got around to working on the projects.

But that’s exactly what I’m going to do tonight. As I said, I’ve been reorganizing my yarn and I’ve collected all my kitchen cotton into a basket and the plan is to start cranking out some new dishcloths tonight. Mine are faded and grubby, so why not start the new year with a pretty new stack?

However you plan to spend the evening, be safe and see ya next year! 😉

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