2011 goals: personal


These are all the silly, selfish little goals that I’d like to meet in 2011. The world won’t end if I give up on any of these, but they also are the most fun to think about.

  • Read more books. Unless you count cookbooks, I didn’t do a whole lot of reading last year. Yes, I read my monthly comic books, but I need to start reading more. I’m not going to set down a specific number. Instead, I plan to keep track of the books I’ve read here on the blog. Again — by writing it down, I’m holding myself accountable.
  • Give myself a weekly manicure. My hands and nails look horrible on a daily basis. Something has to be done about this embarrassing situation.
  • Use up the yarn stash. I have a lot of yarn. No, it’s not as much as a lot of knitters I know, but for me it’s quite a lot. So I’d like to use up the bits and pieces in a “stash-ghan” and finish up some other projects that I’ve printed out and stare at on a daily basis.
  • See old friends. Time passes really fast when you have kids. Before you know it, five or six years go by without seeing close friends. It’s such a shame and I hope I can make plans to make it right!

And so, those are the areas where I want to concentrate. If I end the year keeping up with just a few of them, I’ll be really happy!

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  1. Those are great goals! Good luck with them!

    My hands look *horrible* right now. I want a manicure and pedicure *so* badly!

    I have the book goal for this year, too. I want to read, read, read! 🙂

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