Monthly Archives: February 2007

A Day In Photos – Part 1

I figured since I started taking pictures first thing this morning, I might as well keep it up and do a day in photos entry. I don’t think I’ve done one since I was pregnant with Noah. So, here is my ever-so-exciting morning. Obviously, if you continue reading, it’s going to be photo-heavy. You have been warned.
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A New Addition to Our Family

I’m not going to even try to be a smartass and put this beneath a cut and make you think I’m pregnant because you know, that wouldn’t be funny at all. No, this is a much more adult addition. This is our bourbon barrel! Several months ago, Maker’s Mark had a promotion where you could become an “ambassador” and lay claim to a barrel of their delicious bourbon. Since it is our house brand, how could we resist? We got the “birth announcement” and photo from Maker’s Mark yesterday. I just know that it’s going to age the best bourbon ever. I can’t wait until we’re able to order a bottle or two, but until then, we have to patiently wait.

Pretty In Pink

My new needle roll was delivered on Friday night, but it wasn’t until this morning that I got around to finding the rest of my DPNs (which really were all over the house — in my yarn tote, in two different bags, in my notions case, and I think there was one on my dresser) and getting them all organized. It’s so nice to have everything together, neatly. My needles will now be easy to find.

The woman who made it did a great job. Everything is held together really well and I don’t think the stitches will be ripping out anytime soon. Very high quality. If you’re looking for one, the Ebay seller I bought it from has more here. I’m always glad to reccomend other DIY’ers.

It’s Not A Timesaver If It’s Gross

So I’ve been eating a lot of salads these days (and if my scale wasn’t lying to me this morning, it’s paying off because I’ve lost about 10 pounds since Christmas). I don’t really like eating boring green salads and I prefer to keep things interesting with various nuts, seeds, cheeses (well, usually feta or chevre), and varying the vegetables I use. But unless I get my act together early in the week and prep everything, I can get lazy about it. So this week I decided to cheat and buy the prebagged salads. Why? Why do I do this to myself? It’s been a long time since I bought them and I remember not really caring much for them then. Why did I think they’d be good now? Because they’re not. They still smell funny, and they still taste kind of funny. I need to just stick to buying the fresh organic spring mix, or stick to romaine (and maybe have an excuse to get a new salad spinner).

Knitting Splurge

In the SP 10 questionnaire I filled out the other day, I mentioned that I needed a better way to store my double pointed needles. Really, I’ve had it with them rolling around in my plastic tote, or hiding at the bottom of a bag, or somehow getting into Noah’s hands. (He likes to chew on them — they’re bamboo; maybe he’s part panda?) Anyway. I looked around for a while and finally decided to buy this one. I have some taller-than-usual DPNs, so those should fit along the top row, and I’ll organize the rest in the smaller pockets. I hope that it will work out well for what I need! If nothing else, it has got to be a little bit better than what I have going on now. I hope it comes soon!

That’s A Lot Of Cables

Will the agony of the Irish Hiking Scarf never end? I’m at the point where I am bored to tears knitting it. Poor Drew. Maybe his Christmas present will be done before his birthday in April. If he weren’t so tall he wouldn’t need such a long scarf!!! Anyway… I really want to start my shawl but I feel like I need to get this project out of the way. It’s only fair since it was a gift. I’m done with scarves for a while once this bad boy is completed.

Secret Pal 10 Questionnaire

Good grief, I have no willpower. I signed up for SP 10, even though I originally promised myself I was going to hold off on this round. But it’s just so much fun! This time around I’m hoping to knit at least one gift for my partner. I just didn’t have time to do it during the last round. Anyway, on to the required questionnaire…

1. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? What fibers do you absolutely *not* like?
I hate knitting with really cheap, scratchy acrylic. Now, I’m not snobbish about it. There are some acrylics I don’t mind working with (such as Bernat Satin), but there are other fibers I prefer. I love wool and cotton, and I’ve enjoyed the soy-wool yarn out there, too. I’d love to try out some different fibers, though, such as linen or bamboo.
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