You’re on your own, Claire.

utheotw.jpgIt’s been a rather boring night here at work, so I’ve been busy scouring CNN to find stories I haven’t read yet and I came across this: Satellite is weeks away from hitting Earth:

“A large U.S. spy satellite has lost power and propulsion and could hit the Earth in late February or March, government officials said Saturday. A senior government official says lawmakers and other nations are being kept apprised of the situation.

The satellite, which no longer can be controlled, could contain hazardous materials, and it is unknown where on the planet it might come down, they said. “

I immediately thought, “Hey, isn’t this a movie plot?” Those of you familiar with the work of Wim Wenders will immediately think the same thing because that’s part of the plot of “Until the End of the World,” a fantastic early 90s movie. Nick Cave does some music, Tom Waits makes an uncredited appearance, and it’s just this “on the road” kind of movie with this nuclear satellite that is expected to fall to earth and cause imminent danger. That facet of the movie is just kind of in the background the whole time. The movie has a lot more to do with technology and relationships.

Anyway… this was pretty much just a random thought and a random post. Drew will be so proud that this movie (one of his favorites) was the first thing I thought of, though.

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