wip: connecticut river wrap

wip: connecticut river wrap Is there anything better than shopping for yarn at Webs? Perhaps only shopping with a gift card! Yesterday my mom and I went to my favorite yarn store so I could burn up a gift card that had been sitting in my jewelry box since last Mother’s Day. I fell in love with this Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Baby Suri & Silk that I found discounted in the back room. The colors are not my usual palette, but something about them called to me. Plus, the yarn is so super soft. I even caught my dad petting it 😉

While we were there, we saw a dress form “wearing” a white tank with a lacy shawlette over it. It looked so pretty and summery and my mom and I instantly knew that is what this yarn is destined for. I decided on the Autumn Splendor Wrap. I think I might make it just a little bit wider and put an edging on it for my shawl.

And are you wondering about the name? Well, I’m taking a page from my friend, The Garden Belle‘s book. She always comes up with these clever names for her projects. This name is inspired by both the colors of the yarn and the place where I bought it (where I grew up), in the beautiful Pioneer Valley. The Connecticut River runs through it and since you have to cross the Coolidge Bridge (which spans the Conn. River) to get to Webs from my parents’ house… ta-da! There you have it. I also happen to think that the blues and greens look like river and riverbed colors, and the orange looks like a summer sunset. I’m a couple rows into the wrap and so far, so good.

I also bought a few balls of Classic Elite Cotton Bam Boo. I just love the feel of bamboo blends.

Lately I feel very inspired and only wish I had the time to complete projects for my Etsy shop (that I’d planned to launch back in October). I’ve designed business cards and post cards, all with a cute logo. But I have yet to find a reason to put them to use! Someday I’ll find the time. But until then, I’ll keep plugging away one project at a time.


  1. Lisanne says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the colors, and you chose a very creative and fitting name for your project! Have fun with it. I haven’t done any knitting in a while! I’ve been on a sewing kick! 🙂

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