Winter Blahs

Seriously, I’m feeling ’em today. I checked the weather online earlier and learned that we can expect between 6-12 inches on snow on Wednesday. Yeah, yeah, I know that it’s the middle of winter but this winter in particular has felt so long. It seemed to start in early December with that big ice storm, and the temperatures have just been frigid. Maybe I’m getting too old to live in the cold. (Yet I seriously doubt I could convince Drew to move south, LOL!)

My day was also thrown off at the last minute this morning. I’m a scheduler, you see. And I’m not good with last-minute changes. So when you throw me a last-minute change that screws up my schedule for the day, it really messes me up. I had an interview this morning for a  feature story that I need to write. I’d already had difficulty scheduling it, so I was thrilled we could do it early this morning and get it out of the way so I could write up my story. I’d settled Noah down with a snack and his favorite cartoon to keep him occupied while I’d be on my call and I had my questions written up and ready to go. About eight minutes before I was going to call my contact, she called me and needed to reschedule because the person I’m supposed to speak with couldn’t do it at this time afterall.


So now I get to do it at 7:30 tonight. Oh well. It won’t take long and tomorrow I’ll write up the story and get it over with. (Which, of course, also means shifting around what I had wanted to do on Tuesday.) Sorry for being such a complainer. Maybe I should say “forget it” with this whole writing thing and look for jobs in IT instead. What do you think? LOL… Yeah, I’m not sure that’s a good idea, either. We’ll leave that to people who actually know a thing or two about computers.

Maybe if my day hadn’t started with Noah screaming at 6:15 a.m. because Jake was giving him wet willies I’d be in a better frame of mind.

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  1. I don’t see how you do it with such EARLY mornings! (And I thought that 7 a.m. was early!) LOL! 🙂 So sorry that you woke up to screaming. That frequently happens to me, too. *sigh* Sorry you had so much trouble with the whole scheduling thing. 🙁

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