Wine Storage

I feel like our basement is constantly a work-in-progress, with a purpose that is constantly changing, LOL. Earlier this year we bought three 50-bottle(ish) wine coolers. One is in our dining room, and two are in the basement. We have a larger wine stash than most people we know, LOL, but some of my wine-blogging friends have even more so that keeps me from feeling too weird about it 😉 Anyway, while I would love to join a wine of the month club, it does not seem to make sense because we just have so much.

Anyway… now Drew is going back to one of his original ideas and is hoping to to open up the area under the basement stairs for a mini-cellar. It was open when we put the offer on this house, but for some reason the builder decided to throw sheetrock up and close it up. It wasn’t really necessary. So I think D. is just going to remove that bit of drywall and arranged the two basement coolers under the stairs. This way they will be out of the way and give us a bit more room for storage, opening up the area where they currently are.

Lotsa projects around here. Always lotsa projects, LOL…

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