Why poor management can pay off

I can’t believe I forgot to write about this! So, last Sunday we were spending some time at the lovely Hudson Valley Mall, and for whatever reason we wandered into Sears. We don’t usually browse the store with the boys unless we have a reason, and for the life of me, if there was a reason I don’t remember what it was. At any rate, we found ourselves checking out the exercise bikes and decided that we really liked a certain recumbant model. We’d been throwing around the idea of buying one, and the tag on this particular model showed $50 off, so on a spur of the moment decision, we said “Hey – let’s just get it.” Of course, Sears is not known for particularly helpful sales staff… at least not these days. We finally flagged someone down and he went to check the stock. It took him forevah to return. We looked at the treadmills, the home gyms, the poker tables, the foosball tables, and everything in between. He finally returned and said they had one left, but the sale had ended the day before. But because I am such a badass (ha!) I ended up getting the sale price because of their failure to take down the sign with the sale price. So I saved us $50.

Then we decided that I should sign up for a Sears card to get the extra $15 off. That was another hassle in and of itself because they originally rang it at the wrong price, and somehow the system showed that I had bought two bikes when we went to pick them up… oh yes, it was just awesome. At any rate, it took two managers, but we got it fixed. And because I tend to not be one of those bitchy people demanding this and that, and expecting a hard time, the whole thing was actually quite pleasant. I probably wasted about $15 worth of my time trying to fix it all, but… seriously, what else would I be doing on a Sunday afternoon?

At any rate, we both are loving this recumbant bike. I wish we had bought one ages ago. Highly reccomended by this consumer.

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  1. Which one did you get? I was babysitting tonight at my SIL’s and used her recumbent bike to do a 45 minute cardio workout. I was sweating SO bad and was in a long-sleeved shirt because I had nothing else with me, but I really liked the bike too and wish we had the funds and the room for one. I have no idea where I would put it if I got one, but I admit I’d really love one or better yet a treadmill.

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