Why Do I Call It A Mix Tape When It’s A CD?

Indeed I do. In much the same way, whenever a band has new music coming out, I continue to call it an album… I guess I’m showing my age, stuck in the past! At any rate, I am burning a mix tape CD for Lisanne, as promised! This was kind of challenging considering that even though she is a very good friend, I have almost *no* idea what she listens to (except Barbra Streisand, LOL!). So basically, I threw together a bunch of songs that I love. A few are older, a bunch are newer, and I really hope she finds at least a couple that she likes! Although I won’t give away which songs I picked, I will give you a taste of some of the bands/singers: Morphine (of course — I don’t think I have ever made a mix for anyone and not included at least one Morphine song), The Decemberists, Amy Winehouse, Cordelia’s Dad, Travis (currently in mad love with this band), Wilco (really, if I could get into a Travis-Wilco sandwich, musically speaking of course, I’d be in heaven), Feist, Regina Spektor, and a couple others. And YES I did include a Phish song, but I picked one that I think is pretty accessible to anyone, even if they don’t like jam bands. Hopefully I can mail this puppy out tomorrow, so check your mailbox next week, Miss L.!

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