Which is it?

Though they are the same thing, it seems that “snowthrower” is the lesser recognized term for that wonderful machine that helps clear the white stuff from your driveway. A quick Google search turned up around 200,000 results for “snowthrower” and about 894,000 for “snowblower.” Interesting: Even when you use the keyword “snowblower” Sears seems to call the machines “Snow Throwers.” Lowes also seems to favor “Snow Thrower.” Toro, a manufacturer, uses both terms on its site, and so does Northern Tool. We could also get into whether or not one word or two is correct, but really — let’s not split hairs over this, right? So I am curious… what do you call it?

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  1. We called it a snowblower, but I knew what you meant when you said snowthrower. Is it possible that one is a trademarked name that became common terminology (i.e. Crockpot vs. slow cooker, Kleenex vs. facial tissue)?

  2. I’m thinking more that it’s commonly called a snowblower but it sounds dirty so retailers call it something a little more family-friendly. Maybe my mind is just in the gutter.

  3. Snowblower is the classic term, but technically, the snow is thrown, not blown.

    I work for one of the retailers mentioned above and can tell you that we use whatever the manufacturer supplies in the title. Therefore, you’ll find both terms on our site.

    We also use a list of synonyms in our onsite search to produce the same results whether you search snowblower, snow blower, snow thrower or snowthrower. You’ll find this on most major sites.

  4. LOL. This cracks me up … reminds me of the pop or soda discussions from college. I thought the same thing – it literally does THROW snow. But I call it a snow blower too … hehe.

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