What a weekend!!!

Oh my goodness. There is just so much to write about that I am actually going to have to use subheads, I think. Let’s begin, shall we?

She Said Yes!!! And Happy Birthday!!!
Not only was yesterday my little brother’s birthday (well, little… he’s 29!), but it was also a very exciting day because the night before he asked his girlfriend Kathy (Noah’s godmother) to marry him! And she said yes! I am super excited for them (I also got to help pick out the ring a couple weekends ago when we went shopping on Black Friday!). Mike and Kathy are perfect together and I’m so happy that she will officially be part of our family. Yay!

I Got My Purse!

First I just want to tell everyone what a great swap partner Tracy is! She had knit and mailed my original bag at the beginning of November, only to have Fed*Ex lose it en route. I felt terrible for her, but she wanted to reknit the bag. It arrived safely in New York on Saturday, as you can see, and I absolutely love it! It’s just my style, the colors are perfect, and she included some great goodies too — cicular needles, two balls of pretty magenta/dark pink yarn (I see a lacey scarf being made out of this!), a notepad, and a yummy lemon candle.

Tracy, thank you so much for all of your work and effort. I appreciate it so much!

Greatest SP9 Pal!

I have been totally spoiled this weekend. First the purse, and then two packages from my SP9 partner. What an amazing early Christmas present! Two books that had been on my wishlist (I’ve begun flagging projects I can’t wait to start), and five (five!!!) skeins of gorgeous Knit Picks yarn. I have not had a chance to order from them myself, but I’ve heard/read about how great their yarns are and I am so impressed! I can’t stop petting the ball of Panache (a blend of baby alpaca, cashemere, silk, and merino wool). The colors are all gorgeous and I would have picked them out myself. Now I really have motiviation to finish this Irish Hiking Scarf so I can start on fun new projects! Thank you so much! You made a great weekend even better!

Our wine-tasting party yesterday was a lot of fun! There were just a couple of Drew’s friends here, as well as his brother. The food was a hit, we had just the right amount of wine, and everyone had a great time. Plus, there’s camembert leftover, which is always a good thing 🙂

And now it’s back to the old grind. I have kind of a busy week ahead of me (but I guess it’s always busy this time of year, isn’t it?), and I really need to finish up my Christmas cards! Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be enclosing photos this year. The family photo we took (the same one in my sidebar), was shot in lo-res mode by accident, and the quality is kind of crappy for prints. I hope no one will be upset. We plan on getting a a portrait taken at an actual studio in February, so our relatives will just have to sit tight for a couple months. OK, I just realized how late it is already and I need to start getting things organized for the day.

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  1. Please pass on my many many congrats to Mike and Kathy on their engagement!

  2. What a wonderful photo of you all!! I just love it. Sounds like you’ve been really busy. I would love to attend a wine tasting sometime…I really don’t know much about them and am pretty well stuck in *white zin* country ! Have a wonderful week…I think of you often.

  3. Sounds like everything is going wonderfully for you! Yay! 🙂 I’m very happy for your brother and his recent engagement. Exciting! I wish them the best!

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