what a week

Is it Friday? Already? And yet in a way this has seemed like a very long week at the same time. It’s been a difficult one, but is happily ending on a positive note. My husband’s aunt has been in the ICU all week and had emergency heart surgery on Wednesday. What started off as “nothing” at the ER on Sunday night turned out to be an aorta aneurysm. Actually it’s the same thing that killed John Ritter only we were a little more lucky and instead of bursting right away, it started with a tear. She’d been experiencing fatigue and early Monday morning, the pressure on the trachea led to loss of oxygen and heart failure. It wasn’t until Tuesday when they discovered what the problem was. Those hours of uncertainty were scary, to say the least.

She’d already had heart surgery once (about 12 years ago), but I am happy to say that she is now doing “very well.” There were quite a few other issues with her heart that needed to be repaired, but she is at an excellent hospital and they’ve taken great care of her. She woke up early this morning and was able to let the nurse know that she was not in pain. They expect to remove the breathing tube today, so that is a very good sign. They were being very cautious with that and did not want to take it out prematurely. I just want to send a sincere thank you to all of my friends who have been thinking of and praying for her. I am convinced that they worked. She will be recovering for several days of course, but all signs are good and hopefully they’ll stay that way.

So I will not be attending Sheep & Wool tomorrow after all, since Drew wants to be at the hospital with his mom in the morning. It’s just as well, probably, because I have a horrid cough and it’s supposed to be cold and wet this weekend. It wouldn’t be smart for me to walk around in that and get myself sicker. Instead I think I’ll build a fire in the wood stove, bake some Halloween brownies with the boys and (hopefully) finish the flowers and sew up everything on my Attic24 bag, work on a pumpkin hat for my cousin’s little girl, and cast on for Colonnade. If I really get itchy to buy yarn, I have a gift card for WEBS that I got for Mother’s Day. I can always browse online. Not quite the same, but… You have to work with what you’ve got 🙂

And in other news… It’s snowing. In mid-October. For real. At least it’s not sticking!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    OMG, I am *soooo* glad that she’s getting much better now. I hope that they’re able to take the breathing tube out soon. (How yucky would that feel to have one of those in?) Still sending good wishes … how is D.’s mom doing now? Hope you feel better soon. Do you want me to stop by real fast tomorrow? I can bring you some yarn. 🙂 It’s snowing there? It feels pretty good here ~ no white stuff yet!

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