What a Long Day

For some reason, this day is just dragging. I think sometimes when the school has a two-hour delay it’s like that. Yes, there was a delay this morning on account of snow that totally surprised us last night. I don’t remember it being in the forecast. We decided to go out last night (bad, I know!), and on our way home, once we crossed the Hudson River back to our county, could not believe the way the snow was coming down. We probably got 2-3 inches total. So, as soon as he woke up Drew cleaned out the driveway and then did some work before heading to his dentist appointment and then down to his mother’s.

I’ve kept busy all day tidying up and cooking, but somehow I can’t believe it’s just 3:30. At least dinner is (mostly) done. I’m making Tandoori(ish) chicken (based on Dara’s Tandoori Tofu recipe) and Gobi Aloo (potato and cauliflower curry) because it used up a lot of stuff I had hanging out in the fridge. The kids won’t eat it and Drew said he might just eat dinner with his mom, so there should be plenty of leftovers for tomorrow. I avoided grocery shopping this week, except for picking up milk and some fresh fruit.

This weekend I need to pack for Woodloch! The boys still don’t know. We might tell them on Sunday night. I also have to remember to charge my camera battery and clean off my memory card. I kind of wish I had a couple extra SD memory cards because I’m lazy, but I guess I just will make due, and really that’s fine.

So I’m now totally exhausted and have to run out to wait for Jake’s bus. I’m looking forward to pouring myself a tall glass of icy root beer once he’s home and just relaxing for a bit before getting dinner on the table. Happy Friday, eveyone!

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  1. Lisanne says:

    That glass of frosty, icy root beer sounds DIVINE!!!!! Oh, you are putting me in the mood for a root beer cake. I keep hearing about those but have never tried it!

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