welcome autumn


Tomorrow is the first full day of fall! Only instead of picking out one of my favorite cardigan sweaters to wear, I’ll be throwing on a t-shirt. In fact, I had to put shortie pyjamas on the baby tonight (last week she was wearing her blanket sleeper to bed). Well, as Drew says, there’s always a little Indian summer this time of year.

At any rate, I’ve been doing some fall canning. Yesterday I put up six half-pints of spiced apples. I never had these until I met Drew. His aunt always served them with pork. Sometimes they were rings and sometimes they were tiny little apples, but they were always delicious. Then, all of a sudden, neither of us could find them in any store. I’m not sure if no one produces them anymore or if they just no longer sell them in the Northeast. So I decided to make my own, and they came out very close in flavor to the store-bought variety (“but a lot fresher,” said my wonderful husband) 🙂 Then, today I canned three pints of applesauce. I had not intended to, but the tote of Jonamacs I just bought turned out to have old apples. They were all soft and not good for snacking, so I had to do something with them.

I also have my first cold of the season. I fully intended to just power through it, but… ugh. Tonight it’s kind of kicking my butt. Hopefully if I get to bed early(ish), I’ll nip it in the bud.

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  1. It looks like we’re going apple picking this weekend and I’d love to can some spiced apples! Can you point me towards a recipe?

  2. […] couple weeks ago I made some spiced apples and since then I’ve had several requests for the recipe.  Just to let you know, the recipe […]

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