Week’s Eats: Getting My Teeth Yanked Edition


What else do you do at 3:30 a.m. when you’ve had all of 2 hrs. sleep and don’t really see yourself getting any anytime soon? Why, you make your menu plan for the week! This week I have a challenge: coming up with soft yet healthy foods I can eat after my wisdom teeth are extracted on Friday. I’m not sure if I can have food with dairy the day they are yanked (read this somewhere, but will obviously confirm w/ my dentist), so I think I’ll make some chicken soup this week. I found some teensy little pastina in the cupboard so that will be good. And maybe I can mash up the carrots in the broth. But at the very least my homemade chicken soup should be good for Friday. Other things I’m thinking of are FF refried beans and cheese, homemade applesauce, mashed potatoes. I will probably pick up some instant breakfast or protein drinks. It’s the bottom two wisdom teeth and they’re not impacted, but I have no idea what to expect. If you have any great ideas, let me know! I’m thinking that soups are probably the best way to go.

  • Sunday: Grabbed dinner on the road
  • Monday: Leftover lasagna, salad
  • Tuesday: Chicken Picatta, pasta salad, broccoli
  • Wednesday: Roast Chicken and vegetables
  • Thursday: Burgers, chips, cole slaw or salad (Jake’s having a friend over for a playdate AND my parents will be down so they can take Noah to school and watch Laura on Friday a.m. while I’m at the dentist.)
  • Friday: Chicken broth with pastina. (I’m getting my wisdom teeth pulled. I will be in pain so Drew can figure it out for the boys and himself.)
  • Saturday: Potato soup

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  1. Good luck this week! Yikes!

    Other soft ideas . . . how about scrambled eggs? I also have a great egg custard recipe on my blog that would be tasty, you can even make it chocolate! It is very smooth and super easy to make.

    You’ll be in my prayers Carol!


  2. Carol, would you like for me to come over and help with Noah and Laura so that you can get some rest on Friday/this weekend, or will Drew be home on Friday? Let me know if you need any help with the kids.

  3. Carol — yes, soups, applesauce, oatmeal, and lots of pain killers. 🙂 I’ll be thinking of you!

  4. If your experience is anything like mine, you probably won’t feel up to eating much the first day. You will probably be warned not to eat anything really hot (temperature wise) the first day, too. Otherwise, I recommend shakes and smoothies (you can add protein powder), pudding, oatmeal, and broth until you can eat harder food. I would also recommend staying away from watching TV because the food commercials will seem like torture. Good luck!

  5. Hi, I had mine out when I was in high school about 6 years ago.. its not awful but I would recommend just sleeping for the day and possibly even the next day.

    As for shakes and smoothies, you aren’t allowed to suck on a straw or you’ll mess up your clot, and possibly get dry socket. I think you’re to steer clear of dairy too.

    Lastly, scrambled eggs is a great way to go! Canned soups might be nice too. Good luck and get well soon!

  6. Well the first day I slept most of it away, so I didn’t eat anything but some broth. Make sure it isn’t too hot!!

    Pudding, jello, grits.

    The first couple of days I’d stick to liquids. You are gonna have to rinse out the area at some point so keeping any of kind of solid food from the incisions is always a good thing.

    Once it’s all done it really isn’t that bad.

  7. OH, and soup with ANY kind of substance to it (veggies, pototatoes, even mushed carrott) can GET STUCK in your incisions…it’s gross what you’ll rinse out of the “area”

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