Week’s Eats: 3/17

Here’s what’s cooking at Chez Carol this week. Nothing too exciting, except for the lobster dinner on Wednesday night. Oh, I love me some lobstah!!! But yeah, otherwise, kinda boring.

Monday: Turkey tacos
Tuesday: Loaded baked potatoes
Wednesday: Lobster dinner
Thursday: Tuna wrap, soup
Friday: Dinner @ my mom’s
Saturday: Frozen pizza or grilled cheese sandwiches
Sunday: Easter dinner @ my mother-in-law’s

If you celebrate Easter, what are you planning on making (or planning on eating if you’re going to someone else’s house)? My MIL is going to be making lamb. It’s not one of my favorite dishes ever, but I can think of things I like less (like corned beef!). We’ll be bringing dessert and I’ve decided to turn my Coconut Lemon Mousse Cake into a trifle. It will be easier to transport and faster to assemble. Time is of the essence, since I’ll be putting it all together Saturday after we get home from Massachusetts. And naturally we’ll be bringing wine too, though which one? Thinking of a Meritage maybe… We’ll see.

And yes, I realize that tonight’s dinner — tacos — is not Irish in the least, LOL. Well, we’re not Irish at all and I hate corned beef, as I mentioned above. The boys’ had green bagels for breakfast this morning, though, and I remembered to put a green shirt on Jake this morning. That has to count for something, right? LOL!

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2 Replies to “Week’s Eats: 3/17”

  1. I like corned beef, but pretty much *only* on St. Patrick’s Day! hehe 🙂 I haven’t had a reuben sandwich in forever. I think that we might be having some form of potatoes this evening with dinner ~ pretty Irish, I guess! 🙂 Not sure what we’re doing for Easter (other than going to church, and my parents leave that day). I just bought Meri a *cute* new Easter dress, complete with shoes and tights! 🙂 I can’t wait to see her wearing it. I suppose that I should think up something yummy to make for us, huh? I can’t believe that it’s the day after Lucas’s birthday. My grandma always made strawberry pie ~ I might do that.

  2. We didn’t have anything green on St. Patrick’s Day either. Enjoy your Easter lamb.

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