weekend chit-chat

It’s another beautiful pre-autumn day here. You can tell that fall is just a few days away — everything is just about screaming “Autumn!” Unfortunately, we’ve spent the weekend mostly inside with colds. It’s nice to just take it easy, though.

The boys have adjusted well to their new school schedule. Classes seem to be going well and I had the chance to meet Noah’s teacher last week at open house. Drew will go to Jake’s this week and see what his teacher is like. I’m the one who still has to get organized. Stacks of school papers are all over my kitchen and they’re driving me crazy. Tomorrow I plan to tackle that mess.

In other news, one of my friends just got a horse and I am so thrilled for her! She’s an accomplished rider, but hasn’t had her own horse in quite some time. Her kids were just blown away. I bet she’s excited to go shopping for riding boots and other equestrian gear. (I would be!).

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