Watching the Snow

I’ve been waiting all day for the snow to start falling, and about an hour ago it began! Since this “weather event” is supposed to just be snow, that is fine with me. I’m sick of the cold already, but I understand that I live in upstate New York and it is January, and there is just no way of getting around the white stuff. As long as it’s not ice, I will deal with it. Drew and Jake are currently watching The Golden Compass, and I’m about to go back to knitting soon. I’ve been working on my menu for the week and there are so many new recipes I can’t wait to try! Tonight I’m making lemon chicken with olives from a recent issue of Real Simple magazine. Seems like a twist on chicken piccata, so hopefully it will go over well with everyone.

Yesterday I did end up going to CVS and I learned an important lesson: always, always, always pay attention when the cashier is scanning your coupons. I had a buy one, get one free coupon for the Children’s Throat Cooler pops that are on sale this month. The coupon wasn’t scanning so he punched in the numbers. While he was doing this, instead of watching the register, I was getting my credit card out of my wallet. Hours later when I got home and looked at my receipt I saw that he inputed the coupon only as $1 — not $4.99 like he should have! To say I was angry at both him and at myself is an understatement, but oh well. At least they were still free after ECBs and I didn’t lose money, really. And all in all, I still had a great trip. Here’s what I left the store with:

cvs 1/9/09

I paid $27.93 out of pocket and got back $21.98 in ECBs. Not too bad, I guess, and with the exception of the Throat Coolers, it was all stuff I needed. I do think the coolers might come in handy, though. (To peek into the shopping bags of other frugal shoppers, check out CVS SuperStars).

Well, I am off to finish this hat that is taking much longer than I thought it would. We have no real plans for tonight. Maybe we’ll pick one the DVDs we got for Christmas and watch that. All I know is that I plan on spending the even curled up in front of the fire! Stay warm 🙂


  1. Lisanne says:

    Bummer about the Throat Coolers. (Those sound cool; will have to check them out.) I bought some Palmolive, too. I had a coupon for like 45 cents off, so I got it for nearly NOTHING! LOL! 🙂

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