{Vlog} 32 Questions

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It’s Wednesday, so again I’m linking up with MamaKat who does a weekly Vlogging Workshop. I missed last week due to the fact that I was just plain busy, so I hope you weren’t crying because there wasn’t one šŸ˜‰ Anyway, I’m back on track this week and answering 32 random questions. I chose this prompt because I reminded me of when we all did these sorts of blog memes. Fun!

A few notes:

– As I mentioned, I was pulled over for speeding two times. Once, the cop had pulled over several people in a line and I just pulled over because I wasn’t sure. I don’t think he really was either because he just let me go. The second time was after our old Jeep had been hit and I was driving this awful rental car. It was red and it had NJ licence plates. I am convinced that made me a target! I probably was driving faster than the speed limit, but certainly with traffic. For whatever reason he just gave me a seatbelt violation (I always wear my seatbelt, but I think I unlatched it to look for paperwork in the glovebox.) Luckily that’s been it!

– I talked about Cordelia’s Dad. They are awesome. Drew’s band toured with them in college. You should totally check them out.

– Finally, if you are a regular reader, you know that I’m a happy hooker (ha!). If you’re new to the blog, you can check out some of my crochet-related posts if you’re interested.

Thanks for reading and pretty, pretty please subscribe to my YouTube channel. Thanks!

5 Replies to “{Vlog} 32 Questions”

  1. LOL I loved this one, you crack me up. “What do you drink with dinner? Vodka” Hahahahah

    BTW your dog in the background scared the heck out of me, I didn’t know what it was LOL

  2. So fun! Loved learning these 32 things about you. I keep trying to get my nerve up to vlog. I have an intro video on YouTube and that’s it. I’ve been pulled over 4 times but no ticket. Whew!

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