Virginia is for lovers slowpokes

Earlier this week I heard a news story on the radio that now, in the state of Virgina, you could be fined $3,000 if you’re nabbed driving over 80 MPH. I thought this sounded crazy so I looked it up and it’s totally true. If you are driving more that 20 miles over the posted speed limit, it’s considered “reckless.” I considered this later that evening as I was driving home from work on 684. The posted speed limit is 65 MPH. I looked down at my speedometer and noted that I was driving close to 80 MPH, and people were passing me in both the right lane and left lane who had to be doing closer to 90 or 95, easily. I can’t imagine what would happen if New York set fines this steep. There are plenty of drivers who, I’m sure, already have a radar detector in their car, but I’m going to guess they’ll be selling lots more in Virginia these days. Lucky for me, I am actually a pretty slow driver. Hard to believe, I know, driving 80, but it’s true. At least in comparision to everyone else on the road! Hopefully they’ll put the money to good use.

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  1. Oh , don’t use a radar detector in Virginia…they are illegal. You’ll get smacked for the reckless driving and fined for the detector.

    I will say, though, that you have to be going way faster than the rest of traffic to get pulled over on the major Interstates around here.

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