V-BLOG: And the winner is…

I’m sorry for getting this up so late, but my friend Kelly (hi Kelly!!!) came to hang out with us this afternoon, so this was the first chance I had. Now you can all see AND hear what a big dork I am. Sigh… I just figured this was the most fair way to do the drawing, so without further adieu, my first video blog. And if you don’t have the patience, the lucky winner is named below the cut.

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Congratulations again to Linh! I hope you’ll able to use all these goodies 🙂

Have a great night everyone; I’m off to scarf down some apple crisp!

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  1. GirlinGeorgia says:

    Yay yay yay! It’s definitely my lucky day! 🙂 Thanks Carol! As you know (from my entry post), I’m so behind on scrapping so this will be a good motivator to get back to it and get to use some shiny new stuff in the process. Thanks again!

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