Two Down, One To Go

There were three “big” items we needed/wanted to get before June when it’s baby-time. 1) A swing. The swing was a lifesaver with Jake and a convenient item to have with Noah. Jake was soothed to sleep every night by the swing and it help a lot with his fussiness. Noah didn’t seem to care either way, but it was a safe place to put him down when I needed to go to the bathroom or cook or eat dinner. As much as I love holding babies, you simply can’t do it all the time. (At least I couldn’t.) We’d donated our old one last year, and it was one that was given to us anyway. Last week Drew found a great swing on clearance, so that was out of the way. 2) A crib bumper. True, not a necessity, I guess, but I think a crib looks terribly depressing without one. We never had problems with either of the boys rolling into it or anything so I did want to get one. We’d also donated our old crib set last year at the same time we donated our swing. Target has some cute bumpers on sale this week, so I picked this one up:

new crib bumper

I think it’s cute and the price was right. Some of the bumpers I’ve seen are just ridiculous.ย The manufacturers might be able to fool a first-time mom, but not me!

Last we just need to replace our travel system. Our infant carrier is past the “expired” date on the bottom, and I’d rather err on the side of caution by replacing it. Besides, the stroller is really beat-up. We used it a lot, that’s for sure! So we’re just waiting for a couple gift cards to come in (thanks to our credit card rewards and MyPoints!) and then we can cross that last item off our list. (It, too, has a polka-dot pattern. I guess I sense a theme here, LOL!)

It feels good to get these items out of the way so I can stress about other things ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  1. Lisanne says:

    Yeah, I never knew that seats had expiration dates on the bottom. Good to know! Where are you buying your travel system? Are you shopping at Babies ‘r’ Us? Just curious! I totally LOVE polka dots. Great crib bumper choice!

  2. jesser says:

    Awww … it’s so exciting collecting a few new things for the baby! I’m so glad we have a green travel system. My husband would freak about toting a baby around in pink.

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