Turkey Talk

Jake's Thanksgiving Turkey

Yesterday in CCD the kindergarteners made turkeys out of a TP roll and a coffee filter. Then the teachers asked them what they are thankful for and wrote the answers on the feathers. Jake, as always, both cracks me up and amazes me with his sweetness. This year Jake is thankful for:

1) My friends
2) My family
3) Soup
4) Cupcakes (but hey, aren’t we all?)
5) My brother Noah

The “soup” part just cracked me up. Last week I made some chicken soup (from scratch, naturally — no canned stuff in my house; I’m very particular about my chicken soup). Drew had been slightly under the weather, and Jake had a scratchy throat too. Jake was not totally sure he wanted to eat the soup, but I then convinced him that it had magical qualities. He tried it and loved it and ate everything except the celery. So he’s on a soup kick I guess. He must have really thought it was something, though, for it to rate right up there with cupcakes. I was surprised Legos and Transformers didn’t make the list, LOL. But I love how he included Noah 🙂 ::insert proud mama smile::

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