trickster pie

My parents were down earlier this week for a visit and they brought this crazy apple pie! I could not believe how tall and beautiful it was. I mean, this looked like the kind of pie that would have my husband scrambling to look for the best fat burner for men because you just wanted to eat the whole thing. Ah…. but not so fast.


I cut into it, expecting it to be filled to the top with sweet, delicious apples. Whenever I make pies, the crust conforms to the fruit inside. Somehow that wasn’t the case. There were enough apples, but they weren’t piled to the top. Really, there was about the same amount as any other pie. Nevertheless it was tasty, but it sure had me fooled

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  1. I thought you were going to say that it was “mock apple pie” ~ the kind you make with Ritz crackers. 🙂

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