To Market, To Market…

Market Bag For several months our grocery store has been selling inexpensive canvas totes emblazoned with the shop’s logo that shoppers can buy and use instead of plastic bags. I love the idea, but I don’t really want to be advertising the grocery store everywhere I go, especially if I choose to shop somewhere else. And so, while examining my ridiculous stash of kitchen cotton, it struck me that I should just knit my own. Why hadn’t I thought of that before? I searched online and found a few patterns. I love MagKnits’ Saturday Market Bag, but I just don’t have the patience to screw around with the lace pattern. Then I found this pattern (“Market Bag, V. 2”). Seemed perfect!

Market Bag in ActionAnd so, yesterday morning I started knitting and worked on it in between chores and playing with the boys. If I didn’t go to bed early, I would certainly have finished it. So trust me: it’s a super quick project if even I finish it in one day. The only thing that confused me was the instructions on how to make the handles. I could not figure out what she meant by “cable knit on 13” so I just modified it slightly and worked them out on my own. Otherwise, I loved this knit and plan to make several of them to use when I shop instead of the plastic grocery bags. (Much prettier than the ones offered by the store!). I like that the bag isn’t too huge and that there are two handles. I also chose to make shorter handles because I think it’s easier to carry. I might make one with longer handles to carry over my shoulder for the farmer’s market, but for the bag’s main purpose, the shorter handles work well. I was suprised how much stuff fit into it, and there was room for more. I’m very pleased!


  1. wendy says:

    I like it! I’ve been meaning to try my hand at one of these. I have one reusable store bag that I got in a giveaway. I like the plastic, though, we use them for lunches and our garbag bins – I could stand to cut down one a week, though.

  2. jesser says:

    Know where I found really cheap, pretty cute reusable grocery bags?!? Freaking Wal-Mart. Or as I like to call it, The Evile Empire. But they’re black, they say “Paper or plastic? Neither.” And don’t have anything about Wal-Mart on them!! Plus? Just $1 each. But I’ve been making my own as well. They are not as stylish as yours for sure, cuz I cannot knit at all, so I buy the cheapos from Hobby Lobby to decorate.

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