thinking spring with a new project

Well, the mercury might be stuck in the 20s and low 30s, and the snow might seem never-ending, but believe it or not, spring is coming! Yes, it will be here. In fact, we’re already making Easter plans so I thought I might start an Easter dress for Laura. My friend Kate (The Garden Bell) wanted a sneak peek, and I did plan on sharing — I was just too tired yesterday to lug out the camera. Last spring I picked up an issue of “Crochet Today!” because I fell in love with this sweet little dress (it was on the cover):

laura's easter dress

I’m going to use Bernat Softee Baby yarn. The main color will be light purple and the contrasting color is white with specks of purple, blue, and yellow. I just hope the yarn won’t be too “sheddy.” It’s been sitting in my stash drawer and seems like it could already use a run with my sweater shaver. I do like the colors, though:

yarn for the dress

My only dilemma is the size. I’m not sure whether to make it six months or 12 months. In the past, when I’ve made hats or baby sweaters they tend to come out big. The same thing happened to my mom with a sweater she just made, so I’m leaning toward the six month size. I suppose if it came out really small I could just rip it back and start over. It’s early enough and the pattern doesn’t seem that complicated.

I just feel like I need something more interesting to work on. I still have to finish Drew’s hat, the poor guy. It’s taking forever because I think that crocheting and knitting hats is so boring. I know so many people who love making them but… for some reason I lose interest quickly. Maybe I’ll actually have a chance to start on this over the weekend. Let’s hope so!

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  1. Ohhhhh … after you make one for Miss Laura, can I hire you to make one for Meredith? Those yarn colors will be BEAUTIFUL together. I’ve never attempted anything like that. I know it will be GORGEOUS!!!

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