Thifty Tea Set

Thriftstore Finds - Tea set and silver platter While I was out running errands yesterday I decided to hit the thrift store. Now, to date I have not had good luck at this particular shop, but it seems as though my luck has changed. I found this pretty tea set, and it was half-off to boot! It only cost me $4. The silver tray underneat it? $1.50. I also picked up a couple books for the boys, a Rubick’s Cube that Noah insisted on keeping (sigh…), a screen printing set for Drew, and a silver oyster shell catch-all with faux pearls and rhinestones.

Thrift store finds - oyster shell catch-allAll “hard goods” were 50% off, so I really got lucky. Who knows what I might have found if I had been able to really take my time and look around? I used to go to thrift shops all the time and a couple years ago I started to not have any luck at them, so hopefully it’s turning around. I’m really looking forward to flea market season. I’ve also been really inspired by this blog, Homespun Living. She really has a knack for putting things together.

Let’s see, what else… We had a great time this weekend when my brother and my sister-in-law visited! We hadn’t seen them since the wedding in November — hard to believe. We exchanged belated Christmas gifts, drank some yummy wine, ate some yummy food and just caught up with each other. Good stuff.

And today Noah and I are going to see Lisanne, Meredith & Lucas! It’s been even longer since I saw them! August? September? Too long, at any rate. Maybe we’ll discuss wine of the month clubs, seeing as how we both reviewed them not too long ago! Well, I should probably start getting myself organized. I have dishes to do, and I still have to get Noah dressed before we head out. Have a great day!

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  1. Wow! You got some really cool finds. I don’t think I’ve ever found such neat stuff thrifting. But usually I’m with my hubsand and he’s got attitudes about thrift stores and likes to rush me out as fast as possible. 😛 This might inspire me to look again. I’ll have to check that blog out too.

  2. What is it with husbands and thrift stores? I need to find me one of those metrosexuals or something. Anyway, my teapot was a great antique mall find for $8; it’s a vintage Mikasa with a rooster on it. I just love it when you find a treasure like that. I did a ton of thrifting when the Bug was younger and I could just walk around with her asleep in the stroller, but now that I’m back to work I have far less time for it. 🙁

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