The tree is still up

But I am *so* ready to take it down. I’m one of those people who is ready to dismantle it the day after Christmas (but come on – we put it up on Thanksgiving so it has been up for quite some time). It’ll probably stay up until next weekend because I have a lot of other cleaning I want to get to today, and tomorrow (if the weather cooperates), we’re going to take a ride over to Christmas Tree Shops. I’ve started taking down some of the smaller decorations, though.

I still haven’t uploaded photos from Christmas, but I will get around to it, I swear. I’m just about caught up on everything else – writing, blogs, message boards… I was barely on the computer for just two days but man, did I miss a lot. I guess it just goes to show what a huge time suck the Internet is. Honestly, I barely missed it. I hope to figure out how to better manage my time online in the new year so I can waste less time in front of my laptop!


  1. Sara says:

    We’ve started to take down the smaller things already! I think that everything is downstairs by the tree, just waiting for boxes. We’re doing it this weekend, so it’s done, tired of looking at it, even though we just put up the tree the 17th!

    Happy New Year! 🙂

  2. sherry says:

    I like to leave the tree up for awhile but I hope to have it down by mid-January. Because of all of us being sick we didn’t get it up as early as planned, so we only got it up the week before Christmas.

    I know what you mean though about missing two days. I had no real desire to be online during the holidays but MAN was there a lot to catch up on, especially work-wise.

    I also hope to find a better balance. I’m hoping that I can use pre-posting for a couple of my blogs that aren’t time sensitive to prepare a week’s worth of posts once a week so that I only have the more time-sensitive celebrity blogs to deal with on a daily basis.

  3. Kathy says:

    I similarly find that I am amazed by how much happens when I’m offline for a few days and how refreshing it is to be away for a bit.

    Then, there are days like today where I whittle away *way* too much time here…

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