The Perils of Moving Furniture

So on Monday we started moving our furniture around. We didn’t get very far, but we did manage to move our boxspring, king-sized mattress (that was fun, let me assure you), and wrought-iron bedframe upstairs. In the process, while carrying one of the long mattress supports (or whatever they’re called), Drew accidentally hit the ceiling light and the globe shattered. We actually just burst out laughing when it happened! It seemed very sitcom-ish. I think we’re just going to replace it with the globe from the upstairs bathroom (because we’re putting an exhaust fan in up there — no there wasn’t already one, I have no idea why the builder was so lazy about that, but whatever…). Even so I was looking at Seagull lighting fixtures which are supposed to be energy efficient, and they’re certainly nice looking! Of course, being the klutzes we are, I’m not so sure we should spend that kind of money, LOL…

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