The Mighty Bean

So I’m back on coffee again. When I was pregnant with Noah I gave up coffee for tea and barely had coffee unless I was at a restaurant. But over the past few months I’ve been indulging again. I decided that I really want to start making lattes at home like Drew and I used to do in the pre-kid days. We would often enjoy us some frou-frou coffees on the weekends while cozying up and watching movies. (Aww, I know, aren’t we cute?) At any rate, for my bridal shower we got a great espresso machine, but I can’t seem to find all the parts to it, thanks to kitchen stuff being packed away. I still have one box it could be in, but when I saw the Black Friday flyers, I noticed that some of the stores had espresso machines on sale. In particular, I was interested in one that Kohl’s had. However, Kohl’s was a lunatic bin at 5 AM and there was no way I was waiting in line for a sale on an espresso machine that was probably good enough, but not great.

After coming home and discussing it, Drew and I figure that if we can’t find all the parts to the espresso machine we have, then we are better off ponying up for a really good one. Clearly I’m not shelling out a whole lot, but I do believe that quality is worth it and a good machine should last a while (provided I don’t lose any parts, of course). I’m going to keep my eyes on the sales flyers between now and Christmas, too. Hopefully a great deal could still show up. (Or else I’ll find what I’m missing and it will be a moot point!)

2 thoughts on “The Mighty Bean

  1. Kathy

    Good luck with your decision!

    I have to agree – quality is where it’s at. We bought the best we could afford with the burr grinder a couple of years back, and haven’t regretted it for a moment!

  2. flygrrl

    Ooooh, I envy you. Well, I do cappuccino and lattes “from scratch”–I’ve got a stovetop Bialetti espresso maker (which I LOVE) and a stovetop frother. They’re delicious, but a lot of work. Have you tried Overstock for a good machine? That’s where we got our videocamera and a few other things, and I’m always astounded at the deals.


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