The Big “To-Do”

Yikes! Only 79 days until my due date. Which means 76 days until my scheduled c-section. I know it seems like a while, but I know it will be here soon and I need to get organized. My own personal system memory (a.k.a. “mommy brain”) could use a boost these days — if I don’t write it down I forget it — so I’m writing up this master list mostly for my own benefit. It’s basically just a big “to do” list of things I want/need to have done before the baby is born. Hopefully by having it out here it will keep me accountable! At the very least, hopefully I won’t forget anything.

Must Do:
– Install infant carrier in Forester
– Wash/sort baby clothes
– Pack hospital bag
– Double-check on child care arrangements while we’ll be off giving birth šŸ˜‰
– Remind my publisher that I won’t be writing articles during May, June, July
– Set up crib (even though dollars to donuts she’ll just want to sleep in the baby carrier like both of her brothers did)

Want to Do:
– Stock freezer with two weeks’ worth of dinners
– Bake and freeze some quick breads and muffins for easy snacks
– Make sure pantry & medicine cabinet are stocked to avoid last-minute shopping trips
– Put together basket with pens, thank you cards, stamps, and address book so I can easily jot notes and mail them off
– Stockpile of at least one month’s worth of diapers
– Write out, stamp, and date any cards that need to go out during the month of June/early July
– Wrap a couple small gifts for the boys “from” their baby sister
– Have a couple of bottles on hand, just in case (already have a sample can of formula, but hopefully nursing will go as smoothly as it did with Noah and we won’t need to resort to this)
– Have comfy post-baby clothes ready (who wants to wear maternity clothes longer than they have to, plus I will need to be mindful of my c-section scar — no jeans for a while, LOL)

Am I missing anything?

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  1. I have a similar list, but mine involves lots of cleaning. The sarcastic sector of my brain is mocking me (hah! good luck!) even as I type that. I just want to get rid of JUNK and get the house in really good order. I know how much stuff these little beings have and how little time you have to think about order after they’re born. I like your cards idea and I hadn’t really thought about muffins, but those would be very good to freeze too. I’m making burritos and calzones since they come out in such good single-servings. I’m also going to be getting the breast pump and it’s many parts ready to roll … šŸ˜› Bessy is back!

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