april sunrise

What a week. What can I say? Ugh, it’s been a bit stressful with some unexpected news that wasn’t entirely unexpected, but… The timing just suprised us. Sorry to be so vague, but it’s not something I can get into just yet. Suffice it to say, we are seeing a problem as an opportunity, and going from here.

Aside from that, things have been pretty quiet. Just another week with school and work. Last night I got together with some of my favorite ladies for our monthy “Sips & Sups” gathering. Everone brings a dish and we enjoy delicious food, wine, laugh, and great company. Someone brought THE most delicous green bean dish: roasted green beans topped wih caramelized onions and dollops of whipped cream cheese. I am still craving it and will try duplicating it tomorrow.

Tonight is our very last Pinewood Derby — bittersweet! I think if I were just one of the parents and not a leader I’d be much more sentimental about it, but putting the event together is a lot of work, and D. and I will be happy that it is out of our hands. N. is very excited, though, and it will be a fun night!

sugar n' cream <3

I’m looking forward to a pretty laid-back weekend. Aside from a birthday party, there’s nothing on the agenda. I’ll need to catch  up on everything that fell through the cracks this week, though. Hopefully I will be able to carve out a little time for dishcloth knitting. (There’s always time for that, right?)

Happy Friday, everyone!

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